Hourly Kitchen Rates

1-10 Hours per month:
Peak $24
Off-Peak $20

11-30 Hours per month:
Peak: $22
Off-Peak: $18

31-60 Hours per month:
Peak: $20
Off-Peak: $16

61+ Hours per month:
Peak: $17
Off-Peak: $14

Peak hours are 6 am-6 pm 7 days a week.
Off-Peak hours are 6 pm-6 am 7 days a week.


Peak Hours: $16/per hour
Off-Peak Hours: $14/per hour
Booking for packaging is use of tables ONLYNOT use of any equipment.

Packaging rates are for our licensed clients who need to come in another day to package the products they have produced.

We understand that storage space needs can fluctuate with each tenant and each job. If you have a special need for storage, let us know and we will try to work with you as best as possible.


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