Jo Coleman and Cassandra Morrison discovered a need for The Culinary Studio as a result of facing the same problems they now aim to solve for others. "My entity, Healthy Eating Community, outgrew the home kitchens we were using," said Coleman. "We needed something on the scale of The Culinary Studio to accommodate our growth, but we didn't want the added cost. With the Studio opening, we can have the best of both worlds and share our passion for healthy eating with everyone in the area."

Morrison had researched commissaries and incubators in Michigan and other cities for three years because she wanted to expand her Festive Chef, Personal Chef Services by offering meal delivery and catering. "I found that the closest shared-use kitchens were in Kalamazoo and Hart, Michigan. I felt we needed a workspace closer to the city that not only offered a shared-use kitchen but also cooking classes, demonstrations and special events for the foodies in the area."

Our biggest obstacle, of course, was finding an affordable kitchen space in which to start a food business. What we found instead was that we were not alone. Every other developing chef we spoke with expressed the same frustration of not being able to produce at home, but not able or willing to take on the financial risks of opening their own commercial kitchen. Now we're excited to be able to offer this service and more to Detroit's culinary community. Above all, we understand the importance and pleasure of working with other friendly culinary professionals.

Cassandra and Jo


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